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“Holland in tha Hood” premiers on RTL NL

September 9, 2011

By Sefanja Saino

AMSTERDAMA Dutch reality show, which features rookie rappers in a Los Angeles ghetto aired for the first time Thursday.

“Holland in tha Hood” premiered on RTL NL to the cheers of the television station’s followers.

In the show, eight Dutchmen come face-to-face the harsh realities of living in an American ghetto.

The participants have a strong connection with the hip-hop culture and lifestyle.

A cheerful pilot was shown exchanging kind words with the youngsters as they landed in Los Angeles.

However, upon arrival in South Central L.A., attitudes changed after some of them realized that their life in The Netherlands was more pleasant.

A filthy bathroom, they would be sharing during the course of program left them baffled.

RTL NL said in the coming weeks the rappers will undergo plenty of challenges as they endeavour to earn prizes,

The winner is expected to audition for a record deal in L.A.

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