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American comic Meyers speaks with students

September 12, 2011

By Hallie Engel

AMSTERDAM – Comedian and writer Seth Meyers visited Amsterdam Monday to participate in a question and answer session for College Tour, an interview program hosted by Dutch journalist Twan Huys.

Filming took place at the Boom Chicago comedy theater in central Amsterdam and combined political commentary, personal reflection and improvisational comedy.

Meyers, who is the lead writer for Saturday Night Live, discussed his career and opinions on the state of American politics, including his support for President Barack Obama.

Fielding questions from an audience of Dutch and international students, he spoke about his concern over GOP tactics, saying some Republican politicians, like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, are so “cartoony” they are easy material for comedy writing before adding that “conservative politics are more based in untruths” at present.

The audience also inquired about Meyers’ past in Amsterdam, when he performed nightly at Boom Chicago and of his current behind the scenes role at Saturday Night Live.

Meyers responded by saying he “loves performing, but (his) heart is not in acting.”

The interview ended with Meyers creating a short improvisational scene with Boom Chicago owner and director Andrew Moskos.

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