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Comedy festival on the cards in East Amsterdam

September 12, 2011

By Linda Meijvis and Tom Schoonen

AMSTERDAM – Jim Suter is working on the first comedy festival in Studio /K with upcoming artists in the east of Amsterdam.

Previously, comedy night at Studio /K entailed collaboration with artists from Toomler, a well-known comedy cafe in Amsterdam.

However, Jim Suter, who is the programmer and employee at Studio /K, introduced an independent, monthly comedy event on the agenda.

“I found stand-up comedy too vulgar and cabaret too meaningless”,  Suter said, “So I wondered what would happen if we put these disciplines together”.

Since then, the organization has attracted attention of talented, new students from theater and cabaret schools.

Suter reckons the comedy night has been a success just days after its celebrated its 11th edition Sept. 8.

A bigger festival could already be in the plans, but “we do not want to be Toomler, we do not want to ask money for the show, we think the artists really have a message to convey”, Suter said.

Studio /K is home to four rooms.

“It would be awesome if we could do it throughout the entire building,” he said.

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