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New statistics: Elderly are helpless

September 12, 2011

By Anneclaire van Not

AMSTERDAM – Even though the number of Dutch nursery students is on a notable increase, the elderly are still left helpless according to new statistics released by the Netherlands Institute for Social Research.

A large part of the elderly homes and hospitals are struggling  with a staff shortage.

Most of the graduating nursery students, of which 90-95% are female,
do not want to work in geriatrics, said  Caroline van Mierlo, director of the Institute for
Nursery Studies.

Female nursery students strive for a career in childcare, while  their male counterparts are more interested in working in an ambulance or a trauma helicopter, Van Mierlo said.

For male nurses, taking care of the elderly does not fit in heroic view on being a nurse, she said.

In order to improve this situation, Van Mierlo reckons that the view of student nurses on the nursery subset needs to change, and working in geriatrics must be made more attractive for upcoming nurses

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