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Oh Oh Cherso, or should I say, Uh Oh Cherso

September 12, 2011

By Maya Dupont

It appears that after three seasons of booze-induced, sexually-tinted
adventures, the Oh Oh Cherso phenomenon has finally reached its breaking
point and is coming apart at the seams…and we’re not talking about
Barbie’s diminutive bikini or Sterretje’s loose swimming trunks.

A recent press release indicates that reality TV star Sterretje is quite
literally throwing in the towel by quitting the popular Dutch TV show.
“I no longer want to be associated with the backwards neighborhood that
I grew up in. I’m tired of people judging me as a troublemaker. I want
people to start taking me and the rest of the cast seriously.”

Unfortunately for him, the rest of the cast appears not to share his
vision of sobriety. In fact, the contrary appears true, particularly in
the case of co-star Tijgertje, who has been arrested 5 times solely this
year. Latest news reports and video footage show Tijgertje to be acting
disrespectfully nonchalant whilst facing her trial in court. Her
sentence is currently still pending.

Sterretje is disappointed with his co-star’s behaviour and believes it
sheds the whole cast in a bad light. But perhaps Sterretje should have
thought twice before joining the Oh Oh Cherso cast when he was in fact
betting on a serious career in the Music Industry. On the bright side,
perhaps the ungraceful ending of Oh Oh Cherso will serve as a warning to
the young kids idolizing the cast’s irresponsible drinking and sleeping

I wish you all the best Sterretje, or should I say Tony Wycznski?

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