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Curtains Close on 9/11 Show

September 18, 2011

By Hallie Engel
AMSTERDAM: The final performance of the Boom Chicago comedy show “9/11 Forever” will take place Sunday at the comedy troupe’s Leidseplein theater.

Starring Michael Orton-Tolliver, Gregory Shapiro and Jon Rosenfeld, the
show combines improvisation, stand up and sketch comedy commenting on
the world after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Orton-Tolliver said he was “proud of the show, but disappointed that we
could not get more people here to see it.”

Ticket sales were high for several of the show’s 15 performances, compared to a paltry 35 or so attendees in the 230 person theater.

“When people think of 9/11, they think of mourning and respect, not
necessarily comedy,” Tolliver said, “but we need to laugh at some of the
things that have happened.”

The show limits its humor to subjects like increased airport security, politicians and the stereotyping of Muslims and refrains from jokes directly concerning death and tragedy.

Critical reviews of the show have been positive though, with the Het
saying it has helped earn Boom Chicago “a special place in Dutch
theater. “9/11 Forever” closes with a final performance Sunday.

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