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Emerging DJ SBTRKT visits Amsterdam’s Club Trouw

October 26, 2011

By Maya Dupont

AMSTERDAM – Club Trouw recently hosted rising music talent SBTRKT as an
opening during the club night Audio Culture – a night filled with mesmirizing  dubstep, drum and bass, and house music.

Although the night offered a variety of different DJ’s, SBTRKT was the
headlining act. The concert was sold out at least a month prior to the event – an indication of the DJ’s popularity.

SBTRKT (Aaron Jerome) is a London based producer/DJ/musician who has
been gaining musical acclaim in the London dubstep scene for the past
2 years.  Recently, he co-produced tracks with big-name artists such
as MIA, Radiohead, Modeselektor and Basement Jaxx, raising his fame to
international status.  

SBTRKT hogged the linelight with his eclectic beats enhanced by MC Sampha’s RnB vocals.

The club was packed with people bobbing along to the music, clearly entranced by the show. The stage was decorated with tribal visuals and both SBTRKT
and MC Sampha wore tribal ceremonial masks designed by Hidden Place –
adding to the tribal feel of the show.

The music could be described as minimal dubstep mixed with UK funk
provided by MC Sampha’s powerful vocals.

Although SBTRKT knew how to keep the tension with a good build up of his set – saving the best for last – the beats felt too experimental and the vocals slightly off rhythm. However, their dedicated fan base weren’t thwarted as hands
were thrown in the air and dance moves laid down.

Despite being musically disappointed, as well as being greeted by an
unfriendly entrance manager, the club showed signs of being spacious, also boasting cool industrial interior design. Other pro’s included the food menu
towards the back of the club as well as the different levels of
sitting and dancing space – creating movement among the people as well
as chance to talk as well as dance.

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