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New magazine hits Amsterday streets

October 26, 2011

By Maya Dupont

AMSTERDAM – Smart, chic sophisticated – with a soft touch of craziness. That’s the best way to describe the launch party recently of Amsterdam’s new free music,  fashion and lifestyle magazine ‘Lost & Found Magazine.’

A fitting description quite characteristic of the magazine itself.

The launch party, which was not open to the public, was held at the Magna Plaza. It was full of fanfare: An open bar, DJ’s behind the decks accompanied by some live  piano music and the hustle and bustle of well-dressed people meeting and greeting on the dance floor.

The British founder of the magazine, publisher and creative & fashion
director Leonie Summerbee proudly introduced her new magazine with a
short speech before thanking her fashionista team, the brain behind Amsterdam’s new kid on the block.

‘Lost & Found Magazine’ is “for those who like to lose themselves in
music, art, fashion and experience the fine things Amsterdam has to
offer,” Summerbee said.

For a fairly pretentious magazine, its surprisingly unpretentious.

“We are not about the expensive things in life, but  the best things in life”  said Summerbee.

The bimonthly magazine, which will be free of charge, is set to be distributed in over 500 locations across the city including universities, galleries, hotels, spas and restaurants.

 The first edition is out now – go and get yourself a copy and don’t miss out on the finer things Amsterdam has to offer.

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