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Occupy movement take center stage in Amsterdam

October 26, 2011

By Zahra Runderkamp

AMSTERDAMSeems like the Occupy movement is here to stay.

All over the world, from New York to Lisbon, people have been protesting.

Amsterdam has been having its own share of spoils.

For days now, an unknown number of participants have been staying at the Beursplein economic hub, in the centre of Amsterdam.

It is not entirely clear what they want.

Some protest against capitalism, some against the recent economic situation, or even against something more philosophical.

Everything seems possible at the Occupy demonstrations. That is, some participants say, the strength of this protest. There is not one clear subject. It reunites people that dislike something in modern society.

However, interest in Occupy movement has been growing so much so that the Beursplein  now needs to restructure. Nu.nl reports that there are now over  100 tents on the square.

The organization argues that the restructuring is necessary to make sure that there is enough place for visitors and activists. Moreover, they do not want to give out a ‘Lowlands’ idea, where all the tents are randomly built together, but create and maintain a serious protest environment.

After the Arab Spring, and then the student protests in several countries such as Spain, we now have another unsatisfied group of protesters. The Occupy movement has its origin in New York, most specifically Wall Street. For over a month, people have been demonstrating in New York.

Indeed, it is a leaderless movement, without an official set of demands. In Amsterdam, a microphone is placed in the middle of the crowd and everyone is invited to have their  say.

It remains unclear what the Occupy movement in Amsterdam wants to say or change. What, however, is clear is that they are unsatisfied with the current status quo. Maybe it is, once again, time for change.

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