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Mauro’s last appeal to House of Representatives: “Please let me stay here forever!”

October 31, 2011

By Anneclaire Michele & Marlene Werner

AMSTERDAM – The House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) convene to debate the situation of Mauro Manuel, who is about to be send back to Angola by Immigration and Asylum minister Gerd Leers, Tuesday, Nov.1.

Mauro plans to make a final emotional call to the members of the House of Representatives in order to persuade them to grant him the Dutch citizenship.

His appeal includes a desperate attempt at showing his Dutch affiliation: “I have spent the most important years of my life growing up in the Netherlands. I feel at home here. I feel Dutch.”

He will not be demonstrating alone; many of his friends will be also present at the manifestation on the Plein in The Hague.

However, the sympathizers present will not only be people Mauro actually knows.

In the short period of time his story hit the news, Mauro has grown into a symbol of young, independent asylum seekers in the Netherlands.

This is not really what Mauro wanted to be: “I’d rather be a symbol of integration into Dutch society, I feel Dutch.” He said he has adopted many of the Dutch values and “wants to celebrate Queen’s day every year.”

All his supporters, among which many famous Dutch celebrities, such as TV-personality and writer Arie Boomsma, rapper Negativ, and comedienne Claudia de Breij, who even wrote a protest song about it, have united on hyves and twitter to support his case.

The public is free to sign an online petition.

Several attempts to keep Mauro in the Netherlands, among which the grant of a student-visa, have been discussed and rejected, as has been reported previously.

Further decisions are planned to be taken on Tuesday, Nov. 1, but the final call seems to be a long way off.

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