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PVV presents plan for implementing ‘tasers’ in the Netherlands.

October 31, 2011

By Omid Azadi

Former police officer and current member of PVV, Hero Brinkman, presented a plan to the House of Representatives to make ‘tasers’, electric stun guns, available for the police forces in The Netherlands.

”Pepper spray is ineffective on 10 percent of the people and the police baton is completely useless these days” Brinkman knows from experience.

Brinkman argues that the implementation of the ‘taser’ will increase public and police safety referring to a fatal shooting in Groningen that resulted in the death of a cop:

“The fatal shooting of the police officer with his own weapon would have never occurred if he would have had a taser”
Their use is regarded as controversial in many quarters; opposing parties argue it could result in unnecessary utilization of force by police officers.

Brinkman disregards the issue stating that “the devices are safe and cause only a low incidence of serious injuries”

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