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Amsterdam Zombie walk, Halloween’s coming!

November 2, 2011

By Alex Camille and Maurits Pieper

AMSTERDAM – Westerpark played host to a horde of zombies on Saturday night, as part of a publicity stunt and a growing trend over the world Zombie walk in the same way that flash mobs are.

The walk itself began on the Rokin at 8pm, from there the horde made its way to the back of central station where it met up with a handful of flotillas and vehicles that would accompany it the rest of the way to the park. The parade arrived at a pre-prepared staging area complete with a model horse. Within minutes of arriving at their final destination the zombies, previously shuffling and groaning turned into an animated and lively crowd. The horse was even used as part of the event where paid performers were covered in raw meat and writhed over the horse. This entire event has been carefully planned for the last two weeks in order to coincide with Halloween. However this isn’t the only example of a zombie walk around the world.

Zombie walks originally started in California in 2001 and have been repeated throughout the United States, Australia, and Europe. It however only became extremely popular to the zombie fan-based culture after the show ‘the Walking Dead’ received worldwide fame through its unique focus on sound, make-up, and visual effects.

On October 31st, 2010, the cable television channel AMC premiered its highly anticipated horror television series, ‘the Walking Dead’. A show that is based on the story of a group of survivors during the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, as they travel through the United States in search of survivors and a possible cure. This is only one of the few movies, shows, or video games that are followed by the culture of worldwide zombie fans.

Online, multiple websites are dedicated to informing zombie fans worldwide on upcoming zombie walks. After the Amsterdam zombie walk, the next official walk of flesh hungering zombies is due to occur in Sydney on March 3rd, 2012. Uploaded videos, photos, blogs and forums dedicated to the worldwide zombie walks will only help to increase its popularity and the success of future walks.

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