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This is Kristof

November 6, 2011

by Tom Schoonen


It’s 2 a.m. and Studio /K is pumping with the music and visuals of Green Room when disc jockey Kristof climbs the DJ-booth and controls the mixer standing while the crowd goes wild. Not only the crowd goes wild, but also Kristof himself seems to enjoy the party as much as, or maybe even more than, the crowd. “The only thing I used to hate about being a DJ is that I’m not able to stand in the crowd and go crazy with them,” says Christopher Ricardo McIntosh.


Londoner McIntosh is finishing up his MA thesis on “the way that online music piracy has redefined the shape of the [music]industry today towards a more online artist-centric model” in Amsterdam. Being a law graduate student in London, McIntosh wanted to pursue a career in the music industry as a music lawyer.


“I got to a point where I could have been in London working for a firm and was happy to do so.” For some strange reason McIntosh re-evaluated himself, left London, and came to Amsterdam. “I knew it was a place that could show me the light.”


When in Amsterdam Kristof played all the gigs he could get his hands on.  “Putting my noise out there at clubs, bars, events, discos, house parties, everything! Nothing was off limits and if it could pay, then hey, why not.” And Kristof’s noise got noticed, according to Green Room Kristof is “becoming one of Amsterdam’s most promising forces in the city’s dance movement today.”


McIntosh got into DJ’ing out of pure passion for music and the scene. “I fell in love with the dance scene from all the progressive deeper sounds to the more raspy and pounding break beat rhythms from back when it was rocking all the underground clouds in the UK.”


When he was 14 years old, McIntosh got a CD from his best friend in the UK, Richard Rowe, that changed his life and the way he saw music. Entroducing by DJ Shadow. “I would not be anything like a DJ, a producer, or even a comprehensive music lover if I had never let Rich show me that CD. I have never changed from that point, I just keep digging as far as I can into what I love.” McIntosh explains.


Even after creating a name for himself on the DJ-scene for quit some while he still has a great passion for music and especially performing. “Imagine that you are masturbating. Imagine that you finish yourself off and feel good for a few minutes, then you feel normal again. Well DJing is a lot like masturbating, only that you can keep the buzz going for much longer and people are watching you and cheering you on. Imagine how that feels…”


This passion for music led to the production of his own EP Brotherhood, although Kristof doesn’t want to put a finger on what style or genre this EP belongs to. “It seems counter-intuitive. What I feel is what I make, even if it is different to the music I DJ one or another night.”


Producing his own music seems like the natural thing to do for Kristof and he explains that it shows respect to your public to try to give back what you take and not simply spin records. “It does amaze me to see DJs who get somewhere and have made themselves well known to only play other peoples stuff. To do so is like riding the bus for free. You know you shouldn’t be but you still do, and in my opinion you’ll only get so far before you get kicked off for not having your pass.”


Besides having an amazing talent for spinning and creating tracks, McIntosh also has organizational skills. Together with good friends and partners, he created a new night in Amsterdam: Green Room.


Green Room answers to the “growing demand for innovation amongst an expanding body of creative and forward-thinking individuals” by bringing “the highest quality electronic artists of today together for an unforgettable night of blazing progressive music and sharp visual displays.”


Green Room is inspired by the hidden underground electronic parties of the 1980’s Los Angeles. For McIntosh, Green Room is “an ode to all the maestros out there being the best at what they are and giving people like me something to admire and wish to be a part of.”


The next edition of Green Room with another performance of the resident DJ Kristof is Nov. 19 in Studio /K. “Needless to say, I would recommend attendance – this one is going to be big. The line-up is looking tasty and the music is really going to be something for the crowd to get alive with. I’m very excited.”

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