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Musical Expressionist From Amsterdam Aiming For The Stars

November 8, 2011

By Sefanja Saino

AMSTERDAM –  There is no longer need to look in space anymore to find an extra terrestrial creature, because a very creative one has been living in Amsterdam for 24 years already.

Angelo Harris is known to be a creative centipede for doing many things at once. If he would have a website with the section ‘About’, said Harris, he would describe himself as “a slightly eccentric creative alien who got involved into music at a young age.”

He has been involved with music production, dancing, acting and photography. But he chose the art of singing to become his main priority after he performed at a school event at the Trouw building in 2010.

His school organized a contest in which 22 artists auditioned in front of a professional jury. He was one of the eight chosen to perform and closed of the show. Jury members Berget Lewis, singer Mavis and rapper Brainpower were very much impressed, and the latter even gave him a compliment in person.

“The day of my audition I made a conscious decision not to bring any dancers or a band. I wanted to show them what I could accomplish on stage by myself. And that’s why I got this opportunity handed to me,” says Harris.

At a young age already he distinguished himself from the mainstream by not choosing to play soccer like all regular boys did at elementary school. Instead he chose to take piano and violin lessons.

“I’m a born entertainer,” says Harris who was brought up in a creative family with a singing mother, guitar playing father and a brother who played drums. Soon after his sixth birthday he joined a children’s choir.

Then, around the age of 11 he took a break from music and started acting at the Meervaart theatre. “I really enjoyed performing as the main character of a piece,” said Harris.

After a while he switched his interest to dancing and collaborated with ‘Don’t Hit Mama’ and ‘Theatergroep Amsterdam’. He performed at the Carré, Stadsschouwburg and the Krakeling, but decided it was not really his thing. He quit all his activities outside school and bought a program to produce music.

Being a singer, he said, he can write his own music, lyrics and also design his own choreography, thus still be involved with dancing. “Whenever people ask me whether I still dance I tell them ‘Yes, but only during singing gigs!’,” said the artist who also designs his own attire for performances.

He concentrated his attention to singing and soon after performing at Panama and won his school’s contest. This memorable event in his musical career served as an eye opener to him to continue in this business.

“At first I was rather modest concerning my music, but I’ve only received positive reactions,” said Harris. Lange Frans, Brutus and members of the band Zuco 103 gave him compliments after hearing his music.

Harris is very confident about his future career and would one day like to follow the footsteps of artists Pharrell Williams and Timbaland. “One of my former mentors once said I should view the scene as being a funnel. Some people don’t pass through its small hole, but I’m getting there,” he said.

Although he is aiming for the stars, he emphasizes not to let his head get too big. Fame is just an added bonus for him. “It would be nice to share my music at an international level, of course, but that’s not my number one priority. A huge house and ten cars? Simply unnecessary. I’ll carry my own umbrella thank you very much.”

Harris is very busy working on a solid basis for his musical career. “I’m currently working on a project by myself named The Chapters. I see it as being a book, consisting of small pieces of a capella or beat of 2 minutes long. And every now and then I post something new on the corresponding website,” said Harris who also posts covers of classic songs online with his Soundcloud account.

He says he has no intentions to perform covers, but wanted to do something creative with music he used to listen to when he was younger. “For instance, I mixed a few Linkin Park songs with theme music from The legend of Zelda game. My website is also under construction and I can’t wait for it to go live.”

For now, Harris is looking forward to graduate his course Music Production in 2012, with a final presentation at the Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam. Harris said, “I’m mostly excited for graduation, because that means I’ll have more time to spend on music! Get ready to lose sleep!”

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