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Air France Can’t Demand Burqa Face-Off

November 9, 2011

By Tom Schoonen

AMSTERDAM – A new French law banning burqas in public places will not affect Air France passenger, the airline has said.

Prohibition is only limited abroad the planes, however.

“Air France is allowed to prohibit wearing a burqa at the gate, but they cannot prohibit this in the airplane itself,”  French media quoted Air France as saying.

Air France issued a memo to personnel regarding procedures concerning burqas, stating they are not allowed to demand the removal of the garment to expose the bearer’s face.

Air France said: “they cannot be seen as a company that provides public services” anymore after the privatization, add that they “don’t have any problem with the full veil after the security check has been performed.”

However, burka-wearing women will have to remove the garment upon arrival in France.

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