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Students assist elementary school children in final test preperation

November 13, 2011

By Sefanja Saino

AMSTERDAM – Student organization New Urban Collective (N.U.C.) is joining forces with U.S. scholars specialized in ‘diversity in higher education’, for its tutor project, which targets secondary school students residing in Bijlmer, starting Nov. 19.

Inspired by non-profit organization Harlem Children’s Zone’s activities, N.U.C.’s board members show initiative by starting a tutor project ‘Then + Later = Now’ to guide children preparing for their final secondary school exam CITO-toets.

N.U.C. says that “The CITO-toets is an important moment part of your school career.”  Statistics show that South-East of Amsterdam students score lower than the average, and N.U.C. says “We want to contribute in increasing this average.”

The project is divided into three segments, ‘CITO-training’, ‘Personal Coaching’ and ‘Writing your Story’.

During workshop ‘Personal Coaching’ attention will be paid to three questions related to student backgrounds, qualities and ambitions.

N.U.C.’s board members invited guest speakers Dr. Waters and Dr. Clayton-Pedersen to engage with them into a debate on the tutor project, race and education Nov. 12.

Dr. Clayton-Pedersen currently holds a position as Senior Policy Director of the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), which focuses its attention on improvement of secondary school education and campus diversity work.

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