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New plan to increase student housing facilities

November 17, 2011

By Omid Azadi

Minister of internal affairs, Piet Hein Donner, plans to take legislative measures to increase the student housing facilities by 16.000 units in coming years.

Donner announces he will collaborate with social and independent housing departments, municipalities, universities and students on the project.

The plan will incorporate more lenient construction laws, extending the possibilities for transitory housing and offering all parties a platform to negotiate the student housing issues.

The provisional plan will require a billion euro investment and has been approved by the association of Dutch universities VSNU, the HBO-board, the students unions and the real estate sector.

Donner argues that the new plan is of utmost importance : “the amount of students is expected to increase in coming years, new policies on student housing are vital”

The waiting time for student housing has been consistently increasing during recent years. According to Donner this will lead to difficulties on the housing market and harm the knowledge economy.

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