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Power struggle in Ajax management: Johan Cruijff bypassed by Louis van Gaal

November 17, 2011

By Maya Dupont and Willem Plasterk
AMSTERDAM – Louis van Gaal has been appointed general director of Ajax without the consent of one of the five commissioners Johan Cruijff.

Cruijff’s first reaction was of inescapable shock: “I don’t know what to say about this. I knew nothing about this. Absolutely nothing.”

Cruijff sees no future in cooperation with Van Gaal. “They have gone mad”, he said in an interview with Football International.

It is common knowledge that Cruijff and Van Gaal have been rivals for many years.

Cruijff is suspicious of the motivation of the board: “To begin with, I was in Amsterdam till Tuesday afternoon. It is quite a coincidence that there was a board meeting the next day. There is no way I could have made it.”

Members of the council have also reacted with surprise.  Accordingly, chairman Rob Been Jr. has demanded an explanation.

However, the decision is not final says Cruijff. “Let’s first wait and see what the club wants in it its totality.”

Until then, Cruijff remains a member of the supervisory board, despite his resentment of the appointment of Van Gaal. “It depends primarily on the club. Does Ajax agree or not? As things stand, I continue to sit as a commissioner.”

Van Gaal will not start his term until July 1 2012 since he is still formally contracted to Bayern Munchen, his previous club before he got ejected in April.

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