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Dutch foreign affairs apologize for Indonesian executions.

December 5, 2011

By Eline Hædersdal

The Netherlands gave a formal apology for the massacres that happened in 1947 in Rawagede, Indonesia, on Dec. 5.

Foreign minister, Uri Rosenthal, said: “This apology does justice to the seriousness of events in Rawagede.”

The minister sympathizes with the relatives of the victims.

“I hope it will help the relatives give closure to this extraordinarily difficult episode in their lives and allow them to focus on the future,’ said Rosenthal.

To compensate for the injustice the Dutch government decided to give the relatives of the victims a sum of 20,000 Euros each.

The massacre took place in 1947 where 431 men and boys were killed, but official papers state that only 150 people were killed.

Rawagede is in the west part of Java, Indonesia, which used to be a Dutch colony.

The relatives have been struggling to get a compensation and apology for years, which they got today.

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