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First results election Egypt: Brotherhood’s big winner

December 5, 2011


CAIRO-  First results of Egypt’s first post-Mubarak parliament indicate a dominant majority of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party in the new legislature.


Al-Nour, a more conservative Salafist party takes a good second place.


A bigger surprise is the premiliary victory of Salafis, the ultraconservative Islamists. They reject women’s participation in voting or public life and see most of the popular entertainment as sinful.


Salafi groups could take as much as a quarter of the votes according to analysts in the state-run news media.


Egypt’s liberal and leftist political forces seem to be unable to compete with the Islamists, expect for some notable individual triumphs.  Shady- el Ghazal Harb, one of the most politically active of the liberal parties said: “We were washed out.”


Final results for the lower house of parliament are expected to arrive on 13 January and for the upper house on 14 March. Though the ultimate scope of the new Parliament’s power remains unclear because Egypt is still under military rule since the resignation of Mr. Mubarak as president in February.


Meanwhile, at the Tahrir Square protesters are still camped and being attacked by the military. “Thugs are now attacking the protesters in Tahrir,” said former UN nuclear weapons chief Mohamed ElBaradei. According to The Ministry of health said that more than 100 people are injured in which 10 in critical condition.

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