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Get it swinging!

December 5, 2011

By Marlene Werner

AMSTERDAM – Winter has finally arrived and covered the capital in depressing sadness and freezing cold.

Don’t relinquish into hibernation mode yet; spectacular entertainment, ravish exuberance and pleasing female curves are about to awake your inner warmth in the monthly edition of Amsterdam’s Burlesque  Glamour Night, Dec. 10.

Put on your shiny shoes and high heels, show off your elegant side and invest a mere 15€ for what is known as “the naughtiest, funniest, sexiest, most glamorous, good old fashioned entertainment in the World’s most liberal city.”

You will be expected by Amsterdam’s notorious Burlesque girls reminiscent of the good old times and one of the world’s first Gigolos, Shai Shahar, hosting the event, at Nes 110, starting 23:00.

The best dressed lady will be nominated and awarded a prize.

Variété, striptease, theatre, song, dance, and magic will join together and bring you through the night.

If you do not have plans for either Christmas or NYE yet the Burlesque crew will make sure you have an unforgettable night!

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