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Final event to mark the end Learning Lab

December 9, 2011

By Maayan Arad

Amsterdam – The fourth round of the interdisciplinary honors course offered to students UvA and the VU students, the ‘Learning Lab’ will come to an end next week. It will be celebrated by the students and instructors in a special event in the occupied shell laboratories on Tuesday Dec 13, announced the students.

The learning lab is not the usual university course. It gives the students the space to research and discover what interests them the most.

“The course is about pioneering, it’s about figuring out what you want to create in the world, tapping into inspiration and creating it right now,” says Daniel Molloy, a student of the learning lab.

While working on individual and group projects, the students bring their own personality and insights in the world, while learning about group dynamics and creative enquiry.

They learn how to bridge the gap between their own aspirations and society and become pioneers in their own fields.

Every student will invite several guests to the final event, who will learn about the process and the projects of the students.

“We have this big space, the occupied shell laboratory and we have our own room to present our own project and also a general space to present the journey we have been on and show who we are, and for food and drinks of course”, Explains Molloy.

The future of this course at the university is uncertain but students have expressed their wish that it would continue to inspire many other students and influence education paradigms.

“The Learning Lab needs to continue or at least programs that share the ideals of the learning lab need to spread throughout education, because students need to start being the change they want to see in the world.” says another student Lena Klabukova.

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