Rowan Atkinson’s movie tops Dutch Cinema charts

By Willem Plasterk

AMSTERDAM -The comedy spy-thriller Johnny English Reborn shows to be a big hit among Dutch cinemagoers.

Since lasts week’s première at cinema Pathé Tuschinksi in Amsterdam, over 100,000 people nationwide have seen the movie.

It ended the week top of the charts, higher on the list than The Lion King 3D and Body Language.

With a 7.0 rating on The Internet Movie Database, it scores much higher than the original movie Johnny English, which scored a 5.8 in when it was released in 2003.

Actor Rowan Atkinson, famous because of his Mr. Bean character, plays the role of the fearless British secret agent.

In the sequel he has to prevent a group of assassins from hunting down the Chinese premier.

Get ready to boogie: The men and women in black are on the road

By Maya Dupont

AMSTERDAM – Brace yourselves: The men and women in black are coming.

Electronic music fans are set to descend on the Dutch capital in huge numbers later this month  ahead of the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), considered one of the biggest electronic music extravaganza worldwide.

ADE is recognized as one of the most important music conferences of the sort, with the aim to unite a group of individuals in the industry, to share information, and to keep up with the latest developments in a rapidly evolving global music industry.

This year will see the 16th edition of the international conference and festival, which began 1996.

The conference will take place from the 19th till 22nd of October. The
daytime event will provide networking platforms for music professionals in
the industry with conferences held at De Balie, Felix Meritis and The
Dyaln Hotel.

The night program will host the world’s most popular club  nights with exclusive DJ’s such as Carl Cox, Richi Hawtin, Seth Troxler and Mathias Tanzman – to name but a few of the hundreds of other artists which will perform for over 130,000 electronic music lovers.

ADE is held annually and takes place in 50 clubs, including the most
prominent clubs of the city such as Melkweg, Paradiso and Escape.

For music fans in Amsterdam, ADE is a great opportunity to listen to
some quality electronic music. The full program can be found at

1st weekend of Oct: cultural award weekend in the Netherlands

By Aimée Dirkzwager

AMSTERDAM – The beginning of October is an important time for the local cultural scene as thousands of people brace themselves for the Dutch Movie Awards Gala and the Musical Award extravaganza.

On Saturday Oct.2 the “Gouden Kalveren” awards were up for grabs in the best film, script, actor, actress and production categories.

The biggest winners of the weekend were Carice van Houten and Nasrdin Dchar.

Van Houten grabbed the best actress accolade for a record fifth time for her lead role in Black Butterflies.

Dchar clinched the best actor award.

In his accepting speech, he lambasted populist Freedom party leader Geert Wilders and his Christian democrats counterpart Maxime Verhagen for their purported anti-immigration stance.

“Well Verhagen and Wilders, I am a Muslim and I am holding a fucking Gouden Kalf,” he said.

The musical Petticout won 22 musical awards after coming out tops in several categories including musical, script, music, supporting roles

The Best male musical award went to Jon Van den Eerd (La Cage aux Folles).

Lone van Roosendaal (Zorro) took honors in the best female category.

Rowan Atkinson visits Amsterdam to promote new movie

By Aimée Dirkzwager

AMSTERDAM – Rowan Atkinson attended the premiere of his movie Johnny English Reborn at the Tuschinski theatre Monday.

The famed British actor, known for his unique portrayal of Mr. Bean, is flew in from London for a day.

“I would rather spend a night with Johnny English than Mr Bean,” Atkinson told Nu.nl at the Amstel hotel. “ Johnny is friendlier.”

Atkinson’s presence at the Tuschinski theatre brought the city to a near standstill as fans and members of the press sought the red carpet glimpse of Atkinson.

Johnny English Reborn is the sequel on the comedy spy-thriller Johnny English (2003). The movie shows how Johnny English (Atkinson) hunts down international assassins.

“After watching the movie for the first time, I could not stop laughing,” Atkinson said.

Van der Geest wins Gouden Griffel

By Job Oberman

AMSTERDAM – Children’s books writer Simon van der Geest received the Gouden Griffel (golden pencil) prize for his book ‘Dissus’ Tuesday.

“The story, which mixes the classic story of Odysseus and Van der Geest’s own youth, displays a dynamic adventure that shows prominence of literature today and how mature youth literature can be,” the jury said.

Van der Geest received, Euro 1,361.34, a standard prize which used to be 3.000 guilders.

‘Dissus’ is his second book, after he debuted with ‘Geel Gras’ in 2009. The book also follows the play and poetry genre.

The Gouden Griffel is the most important prize in Dutch youth literature and marks the beginning of the ‘Kinderboekenweek’ (Children Books Week) which will end Oct 15.

The theme of this year’s event is ‘Superheroes: about being brave.’

The theme of this year’s event is ‘Superheroes: about being brave.’ Award-winning photographer Raphael Dallaporta visits Foam

By Eline Hædersdal

AMSTERDAM – Documentary photographer Raphael Dallaporta, winner of this
year’s FOAM Paul Huf Award, says his fans are central to his success.

“I love to work under the influence of people,” modest Dallaporta said to the cheers of a small crowd at FOAM Photography museum, which is exhibiting his work until Oct. 26.

The young French photographer received not only the internationally-recognized FOAM
crown, but also the Young Photographer ICP Infinity Award in 2010.

Dallaporta, geography professor Eric Fouache, and Foam’s Deputy Director Marcel Feil led the artistic talk.

“The objects are purely functional, they were never designed to be beautiful,” said Dallaporta.
Dallaporta is well known for his photographs and projects, which focus on public and human rights issues.

Uniquely, he works with specialists within the field that he attempts to portray.

“He is deeply an artist. Embedded in life,” said Fouache.

For the project Antipersonnel (2010), he worked closely with a landmine clearer and during his project Fragile (2010) he was aided by a forensic pathologist. Most recently, he worked with Fouache on the project Ruins (Part 1, 2011).

The ‘Observations’ exhibition at Foam shows his four projects Fragile,
Domestic Slavery, Antipersonnel, and Ruins (Part 1).

’Fragile’ illustrates examined organs of murder victims.

‘Domestic Slavery’ shows the houses, where human trafficking has occurred.
The houses are shown from an outside perspective, looking quite normal. But it
is the text tied to the photographs that reveals the horrible stories.

‘Antipersonnel’ depicts different types of landmines.

“Elegantly photographed, simply framed, starkly displayed … they have one purpose: sheer cruelty, ” remarked art specialist Ellen Wallace.

His latest work ‘Ruins’ (Part 1) shows historical hidden archaeological founds in North

His intension of doing the project was “to confront myself” and since “we are very fragile and because life is short. It gives motivation to do things,” he said.

Dallaporta, will be going back to Afghanistan to continue other projects there.

Unique documentary Pearl Jam airs

By Maayan Arad

AMSTERDAM – Pearl Jam Twenty, the new documentary about the American rock-band, aired Tuesday evening in Pathe Arena, but only once, Dutch media reported.

The new film from the director Cameron Craw released 20 years after the establishment of Pearl Jam, depicts intimate moments and rare archive footage from the early days of the band that has never appeared on cinema screens before.

Oscar-winning director Craw is known for films such as rock-drama Almost Famous and the romantic-comedy Singles, another film depicting the Seattle Rock scene of the early 1990s in which members of Pearl Jam also appeared.

Pearl Jam, mostly known amongst the successful bands from Seattle, such as Nirvana, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains, has remained popular over the years and sold millions of records all over the world.

The band released its last and ninth studio album Backspacer, in late 2009.

Fans of Pearl Jam and anyone who enjoys rock music in general, would find this film interesting for reasons other than the many positive reviews it has received from critics in the USA.

The DVD, including the soundtrack and a book, is available in music stores now.

Winners of Online Dutch Film Festival announced

By Job Oberman

AMSTERDAM – The jury for the 31st edition of the Dutch Online Film Festival (NOFF) announced the winners Wednesday.

The jury, which had actress Eva van de Wijdeven and documentary maker Marije Meerman on its ranks, honored Andreas Pasvanti’s short movie ‘December’ with the UPC Fiction Price.

In the non-fiction category the Holland Doc 24 Award went to Gaaf Zijn
from Nanna Jiskoot.

The shortlist consisted of a total of 86 selected movies, out of 351 submissions.

The festival is an online competition for short films up to ten minutes in the categories fiction, non-fiction, video clip and, new in this year’s edition, animation.

The price for each category was EURO 2500.

The NOFF is part of the Dutch Film Festival (NFF), which is held from
Sep 21-30 in Utrecht.

American comic Meyers speaks with students

By Hallie Engel

AMSTERDAM – Comedian and writer Seth Meyers visited Amsterdam Monday to participate in a question and answer session for College Tour, an interview program hosted by Dutch journalist Twan Huys.

Filming took place at the Boom Chicago comedy theater in central Amsterdam and combined political commentary, personal reflection and improvisational comedy.

Meyers, who is the lead writer for Saturday Night Live, discussed his career and opinions on the state of American politics, including his support for President Barack Obama.

Fielding questions from an audience of Dutch and international students, he spoke about his concern over GOP tactics, saying some Republican politicians, like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, are so “cartoony” they are easy material for comedy writing before adding that “conservative politics are more based in untruths” at present.

The audience also inquired about Meyers’ past in Amsterdam, when he performed nightly at Boom Chicago and of his current behind the scenes role at Saturday Night Live.

Meyers responded by saying he “loves performing, but (his) heart is not in acting.”

The interview ended with Meyers creating a short improvisational scene with Boom Chicago owner and director Andrew Moskos.

Comedy festival on the cards in East Amsterdam

By Linda Meijvis and Tom Schoonen

AMSTERDAM – Jim Suter is working on the first comedy festival in Studio /K with upcoming artists in the east of Amsterdam.

Previously, comedy night at Studio /K entailed collaboration with artists from Toomler, a well-known comedy cafe in Amsterdam.

However, Jim Suter, who is the programmer and employee at Studio /K, introduced an independent, monthly comedy event on the agenda.

“I found stand-up comedy too vulgar and cabaret too meaningless”,  Suter said, “So I wondered what would happen if we put these disciplines together”.

Since then, the organization has attracted attention of talented, new students from theater and cabaret schools.

Suter reckons the comedy night has been a success just days after its celebrated its 11th edition Sept. 8.

A bigger festival could already be in the plans, but “we do not want to be Toomler, we do not want to ask money for the show, we think the artists really have a message to convey”, Suter said.

Studio /K is home to four rooms.

“It would be awesome if we could do it throughout the entire building,” he said.

“Holland in tha Hood” premiers on RTL NL

By Sefanja Saino

AMSTERDAMA Dutch reality show, which features rookie rappers in a Los Angeles ghetto aired for the first time Thursday.

“Holland in tha Hood” premiered on RTL NL to the cheers of the television station’s followers.

In the show, eight Dutchmen come face-to-face the harsh realities of living in an American ghetto.

The participants have a strong connection with the hip-hop culture and lifestyle.

A cheerful pilot was shown exchanging kind words with the youngsters as they landed in Los Angeles.

However, upon arrival in South Central L.A., attitudes changed after some of them realized that their life in The Netherlands was more pleasant.

A filthy bathroom, they would be sharing during the course of program left them baffled.

RTL NL said in the coming weeks the rappers will undergo plenty of challenges as they endeavour to earn prizes,

The winner is expected to audition for a record deal in L.A.

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Studio /K to mark fourth anniversary during K+Peren festival

By Tom Schoonen

AMSTERDAMA fourth anniversary celebration for Studio /K is penciled to take place during the K+Peren festival over the weekend, the not-for-profit student organization said Friday.

“As far as we know it’s the only place in the world together with the other organizations from the foundation of Kriterion that is completely run by students and therefore it is worth a celebration that we turned four, ” Studio /K’s Inte Gloerich said.

The theme of the upcoming K+Peren event is ‘superheroes and cakes’ which makes Studio /K “the safest and most festive place in Amsterdam to be this coming Saturday.”

Mats Siffels, who is in charge of the musical program said he was confident the event would be successful.

He promised to offer revellers “all sorts of extras.”

“There will be a huge cake in the restaurant for our birthday this time and there is always an awesome line-up with a combination of bands, alternative music, and swinging beats,” Siffels said.

Amsterdam sneaker giant earns exclusive sneaker deal

By Sefanja Saino

AMSTERDAM – Promising sneaker giant Acht is the only retailer in the Netherlands that will sell the exclusive Kamikaze I-inspired sneaker, shop owner Philip van den Heuvel said Thursday.

But Acht will only be allowed to sell nine pairs of the shoe effective Saturday.

Reebok’s new spokesperson and rapper Swizz Beatz is credited with designing the new sneaker.

The new campaign for the Kamikaze III was launched July 19 at Neew York City’s club Espace with celebrities like Beyoncé, Diddy, Pharrell and Alicia Keys in attendance.

Due to past popularity of the Kamikaze I in the U.S., the company is predicting high sales.

This is not the first time that Acht has been involved in such a promotion.

Earlier this year,  Van den Heuvel collaborated with sneaker brand Saucony to produce the first sneaker dedicated to Amsterdam, the Invictus.

The shoe was packaged in a box that played the song “Ik hou van Amsterdam” or I love Amsterdam, which  featured a cardboard cut-out of Amsterdam canal houses.

Van den Heuvel said there will be another release of the Kamikaze III next year in new colors.

He added that another collaboration with Saucony could be on the cards.

Bettie Serveert Performs A Hometown Show

By Hallie Engel

AMSTERDAM – Dutch indie-rock band Bettie Serveert is scheduled to perform in Amsterdam Sept. 10.

The band, which has been touring and recording since 1990, will play at Paradiso.

Observers say the five-piece band brought universal acclaim from critics after releasing its debut album, Palomine, in 1992

Bettie Serveert toured extensively during the mid-90s, performing with acts such as Dinosaur Jr., Jeff Buckley and Superchunk after being signed by New York’s Matador Records label.

During this time, the band recorded with producer Bryce Goggin, reputed for his work with Spacehog, Pavement and Kim Deal, bassist for The Pixies.

Lead vocalist Carol van Dijk is known for her unique accent, having spent her childhood in Canada before relocating to Amsterdam in 1969 at the age of 7, when she was first immersed in the Dutch language.

During the Paradiso show, the band will perform Palomine in its entirety.

They will also play a selection of six songs chosen through an online vote by fans on the group’s official website.

Additionally, the show will also feature selections from their most recent album,Love Pharmacy, released in 2010.

Though the band has had several line-ups over the years, the Amsterdam show will also feature all of its original members, including drummer Berend Dubbe, who left in 1997 to pursue solo work after the release of the band’s third album, Dust Bunnies in 1999.

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