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Aspen prepares for X-games 2012

by Maya Dupont and Willem Plasterk
AMSTERDAM – The 16th edition of the ESPN winter x-games will be hosted in Aspen, Colorado on the 26-29 Jan. The annual event is among the biggest international competitions for freestyle snowboarders, -skiers and snowmobile riders.
There are over 200 contestants participating in the contest for prize money, medals and prestige. The Winter-X games coverage was spread across digital platforms, reaching more than 382 million homes, including Dutch winter sport fanatics, and was live to 154 countries around the globe.
In 2011 a record of 114,200 attended the Winter X-games, an increase of 36% since 2010 (84,100), a similar number is predicted for 2012. The day program will consist of round the clock competitions, with each respective sport divided into subcategories. The night program will includes music line-ups containing a medley of upcoming and well-known artists as well as night time competitions for 24 hour entertainment.
Last year highlights included Kelly Clark being the first woman to land a 1080 in competition in women’s superpipe, Torstein Horgmo to land the first triple backflip in competition in men’s snowboard big air, Shaun White to become first to win 4 peat in the super pipe X games history, and Sebastian Tuoutant to win multiple gold for his debut. Fans hope to see many more such exciting developments in this years edition.

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